Project Description

Company Name: Pretty Girl Pout
Contact Name: Brittani Harrison
Mailing Address: 223 Wall Street, #1048, Huntington, NY 11743

Pretty Girl Pout’s Story

Pretty Girl Pout started while being quarantined, and my young daughter asked to wear some of my sheer lip gloss while she participated in a virtual party. After the party, she insisted my lip gloss was hers.

As a beauty authority, enhancing beauty with makeup for over 20 years. I knew this day would come now my concern was “what’s the best product to give my kid so they stop stealing mine?”

I created Pretty Girl Pout to work with dainty sized features where each shade and formula is proven safe and developed to be age-appropriate. My goal is to inspire, empower and encourage creativity throughout her beauty and creative art journey right from the start.

My daughter and son are also very creative and love to paint. We decided to explore that as well. Since quarantine in the summer most of the summer activities were cancelled and I found my children playing more on their devices communicating with their friends and less face to face interactions. So we decided to use the painting as a way of saying we are thinking about our friends and how much we miss seeing them face to face. We would make paintings, put it in a nice personalized box and a card. Along with other homemade products. This project gave them something to do that was meaningful, refreshing, and fun. Ultimately made the summer more enjoyable because we were making someone happy. All while getting some fresh air on a nice sunny day.

As a mother of a young daughter and son, I want nothing more than for my daughter to feel beautiful and confident as she grows up. I believe this comes from instilling it in your daughter at a young age and spending quality time with her. What better way than with Pretty Girl Pout (PGP) products?

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