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Khadijah & Jhe'la Cole

Julia’s Natural Shop is a self care boutique that helps you with your physical and spiritual needs. My younger sister and I were taught by my grandma Julia about crystals, herbalism, spiritualism, and gardening. We began the business on our own & have been making strides from the bottom. With all the ups and downs with Covid, hurricanes & our mother’s disability we have broken into the spiritual, mystic, wellness business & with a little help can give so much more to our naturalists. Here at Julia’s Natural Shop we sell an array of crystals,  live plants and handmade organic natural products like salves, infused herbal oils and bath products. Our goal is to be able to not only sell these things to you but eventually sell our services. For example if you wanted your home to be cleansed with sage we would be able to do so.  If you wanted custom box sets or any kind of box sets we could do that as well, or custom jewelry, custom potting, and custom planting.  We are a certified nursery, and before Hurricane Ian grew our plants. We also use and source from local artisans, for specific things used throughout business. Our potential is truly endless!

You can make donations on our website or gofundme


Women-Owned Business, Minority-Owned Business
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1300 3rd Street Southwest, Winter Haven, Florida 33880, United States
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plant nursery items
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Cameras for Photos/Video
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Professional Oven for Infusion
Registry Item Title #4
Heavy duty boxes for moving crystals/product market to market (4)
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Jewelry making tools
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Sodder Machine for jewelry making
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Herb shredder for teas, herbs for products
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Mixer for salves, Shea butters
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Pyro tools for our spiritual boxes