Janet Tanguay

CEO of Biz Idea Shower

Tanguay- Biz Idea Shower

Janet Tanguay is the entrepreneurial powerhouse behind Biz Idea Shower. As a serial entrepreneurial & consultant to many aspiring & successful business owners, she’s attended countless ribbon cutting ceremonies. Time after time, watching supporters show up with flowers, chocolates, & champagne for the newly honored business owner – Janet questioned…isn’t there something more useful they could gift this person to aide in the sustainability of this business?

What about helping out with the cost of their new sign? Paying for an hour with a bookkeeper? Even gifting a doormat for the new storefront location…

Janet knew there was a better way to support those who take the brave leap into entrepreneurship…and that my friends, is how Biz Idea Shower was born.

Why do you need to have a baby or get married to create a registry? NEWS FLASH, YOU DON’T! Hardworking, innovative business owners deserve gifts too! Biz Ideas Shower is a place where entrepreneurs can register for the products and services they need in their businesses. Then, friends, family, colleagues, philanthropists, angel investors and venture capitalists can search for firms that resonate with them, and gift them with the goods and services needed to grow & sustain a successful small business.

#SupportSmallBusiness starts right here…with Biz Idea Shower. You in?

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