Janet Tanguay

CEO of Biz Idea Shower

Contact Janet: janet@bizideashower.com
Tanguay- Biz Idea Shower

Our CEO, Janet Tanguay, gets really jazzed about helping entrepreneurs launch and thrive. She is an experienced business advisor who has worked with a variety of for-profit and not-for-profit start-ups including restaurants, doggie day cares, retail stores, physical therapists, real estate companies, transportation companies, non-profits, art centers, coffee shops, yoga centers, financial services companies, theatres, coaches, graphic designers, web designers and so many more (numbering in the thousands).
Janet saw a recurrent need among early-stage entrepreneurs for funding of goods and services. She designed her latest business, Biz Idea Shower, as a gift registry for business owners, similar to a baby or wedding registry where entrepreneurs register for the products and services they need in their businesses. Then, friends, family, colleagues, philanthropists, angel investors and venture capitalists can search for firms that resonate with them and help provide these goods and services to sustain small business. This way, when the business has a grand opening, instead of showing up with chocolates and champagne and flowers, people can give the entrepreneur what they really need, more like doormats and signage and accounting services.
Janet is a serial entrepreneur herself. As the founder of Art n Soul, Inc. from 2006 – 2017, she represented over 150 artists, coaching and teaching them the business of art. Janet is also a mixed media artist; author of two children’s books, Be Bee and Dustbunnies Don’t Eat Carrots; and a former featured writer on the Times Union Blog on micro businesses called Startup and Grow and on Womeninbiz.com. Janet has appeared on the television shows The Hip Entrepreneur, The Growth Mindset, Inspiring Wellness Solutions, and Schenectady Today. She has been featured on the cover of Women@Work Magazine in the Business Finance issue. Janet has also received the 50 Over 50 Making a Difference honor from Channel 10 (WTEN), and the Fierce Advocate for Entrepreneurs award from SheSpeaks2Me.com.
Her other current company, The Hammock Way of Life, launched in 2018 and attained minority and women-owned businesses certification in New York State in 2019. She named her company The Hammock Way of Life because her vision is to spend more time in hammocks in the next few years.
Janet also saw a need for entrepreneurs to build community and stay connected so that solo entrepreneurs don’t feel isolated. She started a group that meets monthly to encourage entrepreneur engagement. The group now has nearly 500 members. Topics have included social media, branding, selling without selling, circles of influence, content management and more. Check us out on Facebook: EMU – Entrepreneur Meet Up.