The DeWalt D180002 9-Piece Electrician Hole Saw Kit is a 9-Piece bi-metal hole saw kit that is especially designed to cut wood and metal. The DeWalt D180002 hole saw kit features thick and hardened backing plates that reduce warping as well as making the saws more long lasting. The DeWalt D180002 has an advanced deep-cut style that enables its wider application on any type of material. The DeWalt D180002 is a complete performance oriented kit of hole saws complete with it’s own carrying case. Features: Hole saw kits include replacement parts which includes two additional Pilot Point centering bits, for increased user value Door lock kit utilizes alignment window and taller bushings to deliver accurate height placement and straight drilling Hole saw kits include the new DW1803 and DW1810 quick-change mandrels for increased user productivity Compact injection molded hole saw kit box with carrying handle delivers portability and jobsite durability What’s In The Box: Hole Saw Sizes 7/8-inch, 1-1/8-inch, 1-3/8-inch, 1-3/4-inch, 2-inch and 2-1/2-inch Small Quick Change Mandrel Large Quick Change Mandrel Carrying Case